Enforcement and Investigations

Nobody likes to get caught up in an enforcement action or investigation, whether it’s an access letter or Civil Investigative Demand from the FTC, a Letter of Inquiry or subpoena from the FCC, or a subpoena or informal inquiry from Congress or state attorneys general. But when it happens, companies of all sizes turn to WBK to help them successfully navigate what can be a challenging dynamic.

Enforcement actions and investigations, whether they occur at one of the independent agencies or whether they are initiated from Congress or a state attorney general, are a highly specialized practice that is different than engaging in policy and rulemaking activities. Clients need an experienced team to handle those delicate matters, and WBK can clearly deliver.

We benefit from the unique perspective of attorneys with significant experience working within government and representing clients before the government. Our team includes the FCC’s longest-serving Enforcement Bureau Chief, who created and organized that Bureau at its inception before coming to WBK in 2005 and the former Chief Investigative Counsel to the Senate Commerce Committee, who helped create the Committee’s procedures for investigations and later served in senior roles during two stints in the Illinois Attorney General’s office. In addition, WBK has an attorney with decades of in-house experience handling enforcement actions from the business perspective, as well as attorneys who have served as outside counsel in FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection investigations. In other words, WBK’s team has sat in every seat at the table where enforcement matters are resolved or litigated. Because of that deep experience and our demonstrated record of success, we have handled dozens of investigations, covering virtually every area of substantive communications regulation. WBK recognizes that every enforcement matter is important.

Best Possible Outcomes

Our role goes far beyond the mechanics of dealing with an investigation and guiding a client through the process. From Day 1, we focus on achieving the best possible result. We work closely with clients to develop and implement the best strategic and advocacy approach, tailored to the specific facts, law, and client goals at issue. We are equally at home negotiating a settlement or fighting back against alleged liability. And, no matter how a given investigation develops, we’re never satisfied unless and until the client gets the best possible outcome.