Video Distribution Regulation

Consumers today – including many of us at WBK – have a considerable appetite for video programming.  Just as the marketplace brims with new and alternative ways to deliver all manner of consumer products, so too are distributors of video programming developing innovative new means of delivering video that responds to the evolving marketplace. 

WBK attorneys’ experience with various technologies and business models gives us a broad and versatile perspective on this fast-changing media landscape, where video can be delivered and watched on myriad platforms with or without the use of a television set or even a cableWhether our client is a new entrant seeking to provide video service for the first time or an established provider who pioneered it decades ago, we help position their businesses in light of the complex web of federal, state, and local regulations that might govern Our experience spans everything from relationships between content creators and distributors and how programming must be displayed to the fees and filings that must be submitted to regulators.  We advocate on our clients’ behalf to policymakers at all levels to shape the regulations that should (or should not) apply to an ever-evolving video marketplace, and we have the experience assist clients with transactions that allow their business to fully leverage marketplace developments.