Emerging Companies

Entrepreneurship is hard.  Emerging companies constantly balance end goals with the opportunity (or the brush fire) at hand.

Our company and investor clients trust our expertise on transactions of all sizes.  And for a bet-the-company deal, they rely on our advice to make real time decisions about when to get the deal done and when to raise red flags.

Our clients in the communications and technology or energy and sustainability verticals appreciate our ability to bring a broader industry perspective.  Other clients look to our versatility, especially when a disruptive business model calls for a larger toolkit.  That’s where our experience with both established companies and new entrants provides value, not only in venture financing, technology transactions and acquisitions, but when an innovation steers into content, data, hardware, project finance, real estate or uncharted regulatory territory.

No matter whether our clients are doing a first seed financing or a complex commercial venture, our attorneys are there, every step of the way.