Trademark/Brand Protection

The growth of the Internet and more recently, the Internet of Things, has brought a commensurate increase in intellectual property issues and branding challenges, many of which were foreign to a brick-and-mortar economy. Our trademark/brand protection team leverages WBK’s deep experience in the communications and technology sectors to provide strategic advice and cost-effective solutions to our clients in these areas and beyond.

The team’s work includes comprehensive services in clearing, registering, maintaining and policing our clients’ valuable trademarks and protecting the goodwill that they have developed in their marks. In addition, our attorneys routinely advise our clients on protecting their marks on the Internet, social media, and related e-commerce issues.

Our trademark/brand protection team has collectively reviewed and advised clients on thousands of trademark searches and prosecuted countless trademark applications in the United States. We also maintain a network of international attorneys who can aid in the registration of trademarks in other countries. Additionally, the team represent clients in adversarial proceedings, including in proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings that lead to administrative remedies for bad faith domain name registrations, and infringement and unfair competition litigation under federal and state law.