Intellectual Property

In today’s digital economy, ideas can be as valuable as physical assets – and using someone else’s ideas can be very costly.

WBK works with companies to protect their ideas and brands, and helps clients avoid costly mistakes in using someone else’s intellectual property without the proper permissions.  From a broad-based trademark practice, to copyright attorneys who can explain the intricacies of music rights and statutory licenses, WBK is ready to help clients with their intellectual property issues.

Comprehensive Services

Provides practical counseling, advice and guidance on trademark clearance, registration and policing issues. Highly experienced with legal issues arising from the use and misuse of trademarks on the Internet and in social media. Assists with contract and transactional matters involving intellectual property.

Wilkinson Barker Knauer’s talented team is truly the best in the field. They have a deep bench with strong ties to key decision makers and offer strategic counsel to clients to help move our agenda forward.