FCC Auctions  

The Federal Communications Commission began conducting auctions for spectrum licenses in 1994 to provide the wireless industry with faster access to the airwaves needed to bring new, innovative service to marketThe FCC’s model is now in use around the world and has generated more than $230 billion for the U.S. Treasury over more than 100 auctionsThe FCC also uses auctions to determine where to aim subsidies to close the digital divide. 

Since the inception of spectrum auctions WBK has been in the forefront of helping clients understand auction rules and navigate through the auction process We are fortunate that multiple WBK attorneys are former FCC officials who helped write the auction rules and procedures, including a former FCC auction directorWe draw on this expertise to provide our clients with cutting-edge advice in securing desired results from FCC auctionsWe also counsel clients on the FCC’s so-called “anti-collusion” rule, which affects communications throughout the industry during the often-long auction “quiet periods.