Broadcast – Radio & Television 

Radio and television remain vibrant competitors in the media and telecommunications marketplace while adapting to the new digital landscape. 

WBK started as a law firm that specialized in representing broadcasters.  From those roots has grown a practice that continues to represent broadcasters with virtually every aspect of their legal and regulatory needs.  Our lawyers are steeped in industry knowledge and experience.  Rarely is there a major gathering of broadcasters at which our attorneys are not present, and a week does not go by when one of our attorneys is not cited in the trade or popular press for expert opinion on the day’s pressing broadcast issues.  Because we know broadcasting, we know the new issues broadcasters will face as they confront new digital competitors and new opportunities.   

Because of our breadth of knowledge, our broadcast clients span the entire industry.  They include major television networks, numerous nationwide and regional radio and television group owners, and many local stations, noncommercial broadcasters, and start-up companies.  WBK provides regulatory, transactional, and intellectual property services to these broadcasters, as well as to many other players in the industry – including state broadcast associations, banks and investment funds, and technology and other service companies.