Every business operating in today’s connected economy must navigate the increasingly complex global internet and communications ecosystem.

Our clients, from connectivity and communications infrastructure providers to device and equipment manufacturers to software developers to enterprises large and small, cover every element of this ecosystem.  We provide them with guidance to seize the opportunities – and avoid the pitfalls – at the intersection of technology and security and to navigate new and developing norms and expectations that include contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements.  In particular, we focus on the often overlapping effects of developments in international jurisdictions, federal agency and executive processes, and state and federal legislation.  

Our advice draws on our attorneys’ diverse and multidisciplinary experience working in and with a wide variety of agencies, executive branch departments, and congressional committees.  Often, our work involves groundbreaking advances in collaboration among and between industry and government stakeholders against common cyber adversaries and helping to establish industry leadership in pioneering such security opportunities.  In all aspects of our cybersecurity work, we offer clients a unique combination of services – we provide formal advocacy in regulatory and other official processes, but also offer related strategic guidance on developing the partnerships on which cybersecurity policy and operations are increasingly based.