Wireless Communications & Spectrum Policy

Wireless communications services and the wireless ecosystem of network equipment, consumer devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) enable the connections that advance the U.S. economy and national security and are critical to our everyday interactions with family, friends, and co-workersThe U.S. wireless industry is the global leader in next-generation wireless and WBK is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory and business environment.  

Our wireless practice advises the nation’s leading facilities and non-facilities-based mobile wireless and broadband providers, wireless industry trade associations, network and consumer equipment manufacturers, tower companies, and others whose interests span almost every spectrum band that has been allocated for commercial licensed and unlicensed operations.  We also assist startups seeking to enter communications markets by advising them on the regulatory regimes that they need to navigate.  As in all our practice areas, we tailor our work for wireless clients to achieve results and provide value by working with our clients to understand their business needs, keeping them abreast of how policy changes could impact their operations, and strategizing how we can work together to shape the regulatory frameworks driving wireless communications both today and tomorrow.  

In the public policy and regulatory arenas, WBK has deep and wide-ranging experience advising clients on nearly every aspect of regulations that impact wireless communications – including spectrum policy and auctions, equipment authorizations, wireless infrastructure and siting, and more.  Many of our attorneys are former policymakers from the FCC and industry leaders, and we deploy their expertise to provide practical and effective advice on topics ranging across broadband adoption and deployment programs, public safety issues, like 9-1-1, 9-8-8, Wireless Emergency Alerts, network resiliency and outage reporting, cybersecurity, and consumer protection issues such as robocalls, text messaging, and access for people with disabilities.    

We also negotiate transactions in many aspects of the wireless ecosystem and work with clients to secure required regulatory approvals of those transactions.