Wireless Communications & Spectrum Policy

As we Americans conduct more and more of our lives over our devices, regulatory policy has to move ever-faster to keep up with the ever-exploding mobile data demands imposed on wireless services and applications.

WBK attorneys stay ahead of nearly every development – from new rules for auctioning spectrum licenses to identifying bands for 5G wireless services.  We also have been in the middle of many of the major transactions occurring in the wireless arena.  Many of our attorneys are former FCC wireless policymakers, making us uniquely capable of helping clients navigate an ever-changing business and regulatory landscape on issues as diverse as spectrum auctions, E911, disabilities access, service and technical rulemakings, equipment authorizations, and more.  

Our wireless practice advises clients large and small – including the nation’s leading mobile carriers and wireless broadband providers, major wireless trade associations, network and consumer equipment manufacturers, and tower companies, among others – whose interests span almost every spectrum band allocated for commercial licensed and unlicensed operations.  As in all our practice areas, we tailor our work for wireless clients to achieve results and provide value.