FCC Enforcement

Every government investigation is a serious matter that requires immediate and experienced counsel.  FCC investigations and enforcement actions are especially challenging because they require a complete understanding of the regulatory regime, the regulated industry, and the FCC’s enforcement processes and proceduresThat’s why companies of all sizes turn to WBK to help them avoid or minimize FCC enforcement action.  Our record of success in handling complex investigations flows from our vast expertise and experience.   

WBK attorneys are recognized experts in their fields, with broad and deep substantive knowledge of the regulations and laws being enforced.  Our attorneys have worked closely with our industry clients for decades, several as in-house counsel, bringing an unparalleled understanding of the operational impact of those laws and regulations.  In recent years, we have handled over 100 FCC investigations, covering virtually every area of FCC regulation.   

We know FCC enforcement from the inside out.  Our team includes several attorneys that have served at senior levels in the FCC, including: 

  • a former Deputy Chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, who helped create and organize the Bureau and led it under FCC Chairmen of both parties; 
  • a former Division Chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau who personally led hundreds of investigations, enforcement actions, and settlement negotiations; 
  • a former Acting General Counsel of the FCC; and 
  • two former FCC Chiefs of Staff. 

Our attorneys’ experience within government allows us to provide insight into both the enforcement processes and the decision-making that guides those processes.    

WBK recognizes that every enforcement matter is important.  Our role goes far beyond the mechanics of dealing with an investigation and guiding a client through the process.  From Day 1, we focus on achieving the best possible result.  We work closely with clients to develop and implement the best strategic and advocacy approach, tailored to the specific facts, law, and client goals at issue.  We are equally at home negotiating a settlement with the FCC or fighting back against alleged liability.  And, no matter how a given investigation develops, we’re never satisfied until the client gets the best possible outcome.