Michael D. Nelson, Senior Advisor

Best known for his advocacy in front of Public Utility Commissions and Legislatures, Michael has spent the better part of the past twenty years shaping the Legislative and regulatory landscape for tech companies in multiple western states. Fascinated by ideation, Michael relishes finding the elegantly simple concept and explaining the motivations behind why things are the way they are. Michael enjoys taking the world we all know and turning it around so we can view it from a different angle to better understand what motivates his allies and opponents. What separates Michael is that he can sort through the clutter and find the best path towards a resolution. This perspective allows Michael to assist his clients in seeing patterns and play out other various scenarios while others merely see clutter.

Mike currently serves as the President of the Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association, is a Founding Board Member (former Chair) of the Internet Safety Foundation and a Board Member (former Chair) of the Colorado Competitive Council. A graduate of South Dakota State University, Mr. Nelson earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, Public Recreation.


E MNelson@wbklaw.com
P 303.626.2326
F 303.626.2351
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B.S., Business Economics, Public Recreation,South Dakota University


Energy Regulation
State Regulation
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