Security, Privacy, and Digital Policy 

The digital revolution has forced companies across the internet ecosystem to confront new and complex policy and compliance issues in cybersecurity, national security, AI, privacy, and content regulation.  WBK attorneys draw on their experiences working at senior levels in both government agencies and industry to help clients navigate these new and novel legal and regulatory issues

Cyber/National Security 

Every business operating in today’s connected economy must navigate the security risks of the increasingly complex global internet and communications ecosystem.  This complexity reflects a technological success story – and yet also requires sophisticated risk management, as modern communications networks are assembled and managed with hardware and software components created by thousands/companies globally. These companies’ actions  introduce supply chain risk and vulnerabilities ripe for exploitation.  WBK’s attorneys leverage their unique collection of leadership experience in government and the private sector at this intersection of technology and national security to help clients navigate a fluid security and business environment – and to shape and comply with the legal requirements that are rapidly developing in this arena. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next wave of technological advancement rapidly expanding its reach across the digital landscape.  Businesses that harness its power will develop new and advanced ways to serve customers, pressure test products and ideas, protect networks and data, and gain business efficiencies.  But along with the promise of this rapidly emerging technology comes a concern from policymakers and innovation leaders that systems are safe, secure, and trusted.  As policymakers around the world confront the challenge of designing accountability mechanisms that reduce risk while fostering innovation in AI, businesses forge ahead in a murky landscape of commitments and compliance.  WBK attorneys are experts in navigating and interpreting this rapidly evolving global technical and regulatory landscape, enabling us to effectively advise clients on risk, compliance posture, and methods to shape the future legal environment. 

Privacy and Data Protection 

Privacy and data protections laws have changed markedly in the past few years, and we expect further changes as a variety of states, the Congress, and federal agencies consider how best to address the challenges of the digital economy.  WBK stays at the forefront of privacy and data protection law and regulation to help clients thrive in this increasingly complicated landscape.  

Content Regulation/Section 230 

Since the advent of the smartphone, the ways in which the public consumes information have fundamentally changed, bringing to the fore new views on the First Amendment and the other legal structures governing online communications.  WBK participated as amicus counsel in the first U.S. Supreme Court case considering the applicability of the Section 230 liability shield to online platforms’ algorithmic recommendations, as well as in other litigation arising from content moderation laws.  We expect a continuing push for legislative reforms, especially as generative AI powered by new large language models becomes a central issue.  We help clients analyze the opportunities and risks arising from these new developments. 

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