2022 Electric Market Resolution: Changing How We Approach the RTO/ISO Debate

Published Feb. 7, 2022
By Ray Gifford and Matt Larson

The conversation to meet the objective needs to start with an analysis of what is working. In many states, integrated resource planning drives deep emissions reductions from the electric sector. These IRP processes inevitably include competitive devices to lower costs to customers. Resource planning thus is something that any market structure should be built around — not built to break. Intrastate transmission development by incumbent utilities is also something that works in many instances. To be sure, there is transmission development needed to drive further reliable decarbonization, but processes are in place before public utility commissions and at the federal level to help make that development a reality. Similarly, distribution system planning processes are also starting to take shape before commissions, and these may ultimately represent processes — if structured the right way — that markets should be built around.

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