Mitchell H. Stabbe

Office Washington DC

Mitch has assisted clients in virtually all aspects of trademark law over the last 35 years, staying one step ahead of the curve as changes in trademark law have struggled to keep up with changes in technology. He has represented companies from a wide array of industries, including communications, media, publishing, technology start-ups, education, not-for-profit associations, real estate leasing, banking, and premium cigars.

Clients turn to Mitch for his breadth of knowledge, creative solutions, and practical common sense. Today, Mitch focuses on the ever-evolving interplay between trademarks and the Internet. For example, Mitch advises clients issues arising from on the roll-out of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) as well as the protections available against cybersquatting and other domain name abuses.

Mitch also counsels clients on the availability, registration, maintenance, and enforcement of trademarks and service marks. He has successfully prosecuted over a thousand applications before the US Patent and Trademark Office, handled numerous trademark and copyright infringement and unfair competition claims (including civil actions in federal court against infringers, cybersquatters and gray market importers), adversary proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) involving the right to register a trademark, and over fifty claims under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to compel the transfer of domain names registered in bad faith. In addition, he drafts and negotiates contracts, licenses, assignments and security interests involving intellectual property rights.

  • Washington, DC Super Lawyers (2020)
  • WTR 1000
  • INTA Famous and Well Known Marks Committee
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  • “Developments In Domain Name Disputes In The United States Courts,” Supplement to INTA’s “Trademark Law & The Internet: Issues, Case Law and Practice Tips” (2003)
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Speeches and Presentations
  • “Use of Trademarks and Celebrity Images in Movies, TV, Video Games & Other Media,” Lawline CLE Webinar (Oct. 26, 2018 | New York, NY)
  • “Where the Medium is the Message: Rights of Publicity & Traditional Media,” AIPLA Spring Meeting (April 29, 2015 | Los Angeles, California)
  • “Keyword Advertising and Trademark Infringement,” Strafford CLE Webinar (Aug. 27, 2013)
  • “Keyword Advertising and Trademark Infringement,” Strafford CLE Webinar (April 29, 2010)
  • “Trademark Searching On The Internet,” INTA Annual Meeting (May 16, 2005 | San Diego, California)
  • “The Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction by United States Courts in Internet-Related Disputes,” INTA Trademarks in Cyberspace Conference 2003 (Sept. 23, 2003 | Arlington, Virginia)
  • “New Issues in Trademarks, Cyberspace and Internet Law,” INTA 2002 U.S. Trademark Basics Program (Feb. 5, 2002 | Dallas, Texas)
  • “Protecting Your Trademarks In Cyberspace,” ACI Online Insurance Transactions Conference (Nov. 13, 2001 | New York, NY)
  • “Domain Name Registration In The Age Of Competition,” INTA Cyberspace Conference 2000 (Oct. 16, 2000 | Boston, Massachusetts)
  • “Protecting Trademarks in Cyberspace,” 40th Annual Conference, National Association of College and University Attorneys (June 26, 2000 | Washington, D.C.)
  • “How to Litigate a Trademark Case,” District of Columbia Bar 2000 Winter Convention (March 3, 2000 | Washington, D.C.)
  • “How to Litigate a Trademark Case,” District of Columbia Bar /George Washington University Continuing Legal Education Program (Jan. 26, 1999 | Washington, D.C.)
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Bar Admissions
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • J.D., University of Chicago
  • B.A., University of Rochester