White Paper | Who Owns the RTO?

The nation’s electric grid is undergoing major changes as part of the clean energy transition.  This whitepaper by Tony Clark and Vince Duane builds on their previous writings exploring some of the challenges RTOs will face as the grid changes.  It considers whether RTO governance structures will enable them to be successful given the enormity of the task ahead.  The paper examines RTO governance in two parts.  Part 1 is diagnostic.  It analyzes facts and observed outcomes leading to the conclusion that independence is no longer a viable precept of governance and that both member-driven and quasi-governmental RTO models face different, but real challenges to implementing industry transformation.  These infirmities are described as a sort of Achilles Heel for the RTOs in the clean grid transition.  Part 2, to be released later, will consider possible alternatives to help remedy the situation.

Read Who Owns the RTO white paper here.

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