Equipment Marketing, Labeling and Pre-Authorization Operation

Consumer and workplace products are becoming smarter, both by incorporating more digital or computerized aspects and becoming more connected to other devices and the internet.

This has consequences – not only does the device become more useful, but the device could be subject to FCC regulations governing their importation, use, marketing, labeling, and authorization.     

We work with clients, including established manufacturers of communications and Internet-connected consumer devices, as well as start-up entrepreneurs that outsource their manufacturing overseas, to help them navigate the FCC’s rules dealing with the testing, approval, marketing, labeling and importing of devices, to ensure clients can meet their business objectives while complying with the law.  Our attorneys also counsel clients on issues of security, accessibility, and the use of foreign manufactured components.  We also assist clients in determining how they can stop competitors or other bad actors from flouting the FCC’s rules governing equipment authorization and/or causing interference.

Not only do firm attorneys have decades of experience in these areas, but our senior engineering advisor formerly headed the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology’s Policy and Rules Division that promulgates the relevant rules.