WBK Webinar | The 2.5 GHz Tribal Opportunity

The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to allow Tribal Nations to claim unlicensed 2.5 GHz spectrum over their Tribal lands. This decision presents an unprecedented opportunity for many Tribal Nations to obtain a valuable wireless spectrum license at no cost.

To help maximize the impact of this opportunity, Wilkinson Barker Knauer (WBK) is sponsoring a webinar to serve as a primer for Tribal Nations interested in claiming and utilizing these spectrum licenses. WBK’s experts will answer questions such as:

Which Tribal lands are eligible to claim a spectrum license?
Which Tribal entities are eligible to hold a license?
How does my Tribal Nation apply for a license?
What requirements do we need to fulfill after obtaining a license?
What funding sources are available to help pay for the cost of constructing and operating a network once we obtain a license?